Tuesday, June 20, 2006

25% of our wakeful lives

We are subjected to music for 25% of our wakeful lives. This is obviously a rough estimate, but I would argue that the actual percentage is far greater. Think about your daily routine: Wake up to a radio alarm (Music!), Turn the TV on whilst you have breakfast (Music!), Get in your car to go to work (Music!), At work there is a background music system (Music!), Go for a walk round the shops at lunch (Music, Music, Music), and what do you do to relax at home (no prizes for guessing the answer to this...).

We are obsessed with the visual nature of our culture, but sound plays a massive part too. It is definitely more of a subconscious phenomenon, but can have an equally powerful effect on our behavior and mood.

The marketplace is crying out for better 'Music Design'

Music Design is the process of designing the aural environment in specific spaces to suit the people who inhabit them. The process is comparable to the way that interior designers manipulate the decor, lighting and layout of a space to suit the visual aesthetic. If we assume that most public spaces have a music system in them, it is therefore critical that a better music design process is implemented. Most businesses accept that they need music, but do not understand that if they merely put on any type of music at any volume it will have a massively detrimental effect on theor customers, staff and brand image.

Open Your Ears

We live in a world saturated with sound. Music, new technologies and traffic all contribute to our daily soundscape which is getting louder year upon year. Open Your Ears is a forum set up for the good of your ears.