Sunday, February 18, 2007

New York plans iPod ban on city streets

New Yorkers who blithely cross the street listening to an iPod or talking on a cell phone could soon face a $100 fine.
New York State Senator Carl Kruger says he will introduce a new legislation to ban the use of gadgets such as iPod, PSP, and Blackberry devices while crossing the street in major New York cities, such as New York City, Buffalo, and Albany.

"Government has an obligation to protect its citizenry. This electronic gadgetry is reaching the point where it's becoming not only endemic but it's creating an atmosphere where we have a major public safety crisis at hand," Kruger told Reuters. "If you're so involved in your electronic device that you can't see or hear a car coming, this is indicative of a larger problem that requires some sort of enforcement beyond the application of common sense," he added.

Kruger, who represents the 27th district of New York, says that three pedestrians in his Brooklyn district have been killed since September upon stepping into traffic while distracted by an electronic device, including a case where a 23-year-old man was run down because he ignored warnings not to cross while listening to his iPod.
Noah Budnick, deputy director of advocacy for transportation alternatives in New York City, has come out against the proposal. He said that that iPods don't kill pedestrians; reckless driving does. So...


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Brian Eno pioneering audiovisual innovation in retail

Luminous is Brian Eno’s first large-scale installation of 77 Million Paintings in Selfridges, London and is his latest work from over 30 years as a visual artist.

It uses multiple monitors to display a constantly evolving painting, generated from handmade images, randomly combined by computers, creating an ever-changing ‘painting’ consisting of hand-made elements that evolve into almost countless variations.

Watch all 77 million possibilities and listen as layers if this trademark ambient audio mean that you never hear the same thing twice. This is a true marriage of sound and image.

Exhibition takes place on 27 January - 11 March in the Ultra Lounge - Lower Ground Floor - Oxford Street.

This exhibit shows how Selfridges are leading the way for how retail can use audio and visual to create immersive experiences for their customers. The ability to create sensory experiences will be the main way in which the high-street can compete with internet shopping sites.