Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Open Ear November Music Updates

November Music Update

Little Dragon - Machine Dreams (Peacefrog)

Gothenburg's Little Dragan are back after two years with their sensually essential second album. A beautiful concoction of digi-funk, down-temp rhythms and twitchy electronica, this has been a regular on the office CD player.


Machine Dreams

Marco Di Marco - Quartet in New York (Arision)

Classically trained Italian pianist Di Marco is the master of exquisite, complex, intense and touching jazz and this release demostrates that just perfectly.



Leisure Society - A Product of the Ego Drain (Full Time Hobby)

Beautiful pastoral Beach Boy-isms from the Burton-on-Trent seven piece, who's members used to include Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine. This will delight fans of the Beta Band, Leonard Cohen and the Fence label.

The Sleeper & A Product Of The Ego Drain

Sufjan Stevens - The BQE (Asthmatic Kitty)

Inspired by New York's Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Sufjan Stevens' latest opus is a cinematic, idiosyncratic romaticized choreography of movement and gridlock. Built in thirteen parts and borrowing phrases from Wagner, it's unlikely anybody will ever pay such tribute to the M8.


The B.Q.E.

Fink - See it all (Ninja Tune)

Ninja Tune's Fink returns from his REM support slot at New York's Carnegie hall with added piano, lo-fi beats and vocal breaks. This tune paints a perfect picture of the NY skyline, and seems more than appropriate for these dark nights.


See It All

Micah P. Hinson- All Dressed Up and Smelling of Strangers (Full Time Hobby)

Another record perfect for the time of year! Cosy fire-side vibes aplenty on this double album of cover versions- Hinson takes us through a country-tinged selection including his versions of tracks by Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Leadbelly and Roy Orbison.


All Dressed Up And Smelling Of Strangers

Shafiq - En' A-Free Ka EP (Plug Research)

We love this! Shafiq Husayn of Sa-Ra here, on a limited edition Plug Research/HHV.DE release. Composed with an armoury of outboard gear, effects, synthesizers, electric guitars, strings, horns, a lot of modulation and a lot of weird stuff. Listen out for the Flying Lotus and J-Rocc remixes!


En' A-Free Ka EP

George Demure - Boomtown Medallion (Musiqware)

Moody, cool, leftfield electro-indie from the uprooted Scotsman who clearly has an obsessive love of music. Drawing inspiration from a massive amount of genres, it is clear why Demure has been such a hit at Glastonbury and Sonar.


Boomtown Medallion