Thursday, October 02, 2008


Ever wonder what you do after burning a million pounds of your own money?
Well Bill Drummond, formerly of early 90's subversive pop ravers the KLF, famed for burning most of their pop career earnings in 1994 has resurfaced over a decade later with his manifesto for No Music Day - a five year project which aims to eliminate the world of music on one day each year. The day - November 21st - is the day before St Cecilia's day who is the patron saint of music.

Music is so ubiquitous in our lives it is a rare experience for us to actually pause and actively listen to it. Having said that, the power of music is impossible to escape. Whilst we may not consciously be able to recall individual track played during a trip to a bar, restaurant or club it will always affect us - It works away at our subconscious and influences our mood and overall experience.

With studies showing that on average we listen to between 3-5 hours of music a day, it is certainly an interesting prospect to have music turned off for a whole day. Will this help us to enjoy hearing music even more when it floods back into our lives on St Cecilia's day? I hope so. At the very least, if No Music Day can draw our attention to the music that we all experience and connect with on an everyday basis, i think it will have done it's job.



Anonymous said...

A whole day. Will be tough but it's defo something to think about. DD

Anonymous said...

I tried this last year. I think it's virtually impossible.

I had the flu so thought it would be easy but within an hour a car had passed the window with it's stereo on full blast and I had to go to the shop to get paracetamol and they had the radio on.

You need some serious earplugs or to live on a deserted island to stand any chance.

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