Monday, April 14, 2008

Sound Art: Beneath and Beyond by Stephen Hurrel

Beneath and Beyond is an audio visual installation by Stephen Hurrel at Glasgow's Tranway as part of the annual GI festival for Visual Art. The installation presents a realtime feed of seismic shifts recorded from data of 100 of so seismic monitoring stations around the Earth. We are presented with the sound of the various vibrations going on within the Earth's core at that very moment. We also see two visual screens showing graphical displays of particularly large tectonic shifts or events at that one time.

We went to this on Saturday and were totally blown away. The work has been two years in the making following Hurrel being awarded the prestigious Creative Scotland award in 2005, but the hard work has paid off - we could have sat there all day just listening to the sound of the Earth grinding away.

Highly recommended!

Stephen Hurrel - Beneath and Beyond


Anonymous said...

Hello Two Open Ear. I also went along to this installation on Saturday, and what can I say, but truly earth shattering!

Listening to the low bassy tones recorded from around the world make for a grounding experience. It is fascinating to think that these sounds have been produced by our planet since its very existence, when pre- pre-historic life forms reigned, i wonder if they could hear them?

The experience made me appreciate, as inhabitants of this planet, our own
fragility to the earths angry core. The moans and creaks that simmer under the mantle have magnitudal effects on life above. Although listening to these unpredictable seismic sounds is terror-filled, my companion and I also found these soothing rumbles innately relaxing. I wonder if this is perhaps due to some subconscious sub-level of human hearing which has been listening to this soundtrack our whole lives? -Anon

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